Thursday, March 15, 2012

Riddler Cane

Reference picture given by the client.

Basic cut out of the question mark.
Cut out 4 of the same question marks, beveled the edges and attached it to some PVC with an oak dowel inside.
Added the handle and the spin top at the bottom of cane.Fresh coat of paint.
-Shawn out.


  1. What's the measurements of the question mark? You have the best replica I've seen!

    1. Hey josephharley,

      So I don't really have the measurements I used to make this bad boy, It was a one shot prop, So I doodled directly on the wood and used the first slice as the template for the others. I can post a vector trace of the question mark that could be used as a template, you would just have to size it to one you feel is a good size.

      Your friend,