Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stompa continues!

Thankfully when I was working on the project, I pre-thought out the idea of making it easy to transport. I made the head, and arms completely removable. After showing it off to a few people I was given the idea to use that for more then just transport. I have already started working on different arms and claws that could be swapped out to give the Stompa different equipment such as more shootas or even a large deff rolla to squish anything that gets in the way of my over-sized monster. The other arm at this time is just a mildly modified version of the guns that came with the GW Stompa kit I still have to build a whole left arm that is much more detailed and not as "weedy". Also another big issue i was have is the front of the Stompa was looking way too bland without the belly gun, I wanted to give it something to really show off the fact that they were badmoons, I figured the easiest way to do that was to make a huge belly plate that would go on the Stompa when the gun wasn't being used. First I took the faceplate that was supplied in the GW kit, cutting two of the plates off in order to get the shape I was looking for. After cutting those out I mocked up and started attaching different shaped plastic in order to get the exact shape I wanted for this belly plate. Which of course was a moon, that was the easy part, the hard part was trying to get the plates to blend with the original plastic bits from the plate. After some green stuff, rivets, and one by one slicing off some of the bits from the stock plate using them to help with the blend. This is the same thing I did with the plates that covered the arm holes. Tomorrow I plan on doing some work with the cockpit and head. Please stay tuned and check out all the goodies to come! Remember, If you have anything you want see converted, feel free to e-mail me!

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