Commission Prices

Painting Commissions

To make it easy to figure out where your commission sits in price range I have figured out a pretty decent system that I have found works extremely well. I have broken the painting commissions into different levels depending on the figure and how much detail you want. Please check out the gallery to judge the level you want to see in your models. Prices do not include the price of the model (unless requested), postage or insurance.

Level 1:  Large groups of figures that are painted at a table acceptable level. These models will not get the same treatment unique characters would receive but will still look stunning on a battlefield. This is perfect for larger armies with a ton of guys that need to be painted. Price range: Between $5 and $10 a model.

Level 2:  This is taking the "table acceptable level" and kicking it up a notch, this is the standard for mounted units but is also great for a small group of units you are extremely fond of, or even your squad commanders to make them stand out proudly! Price Range: Between $10 and $20 a model.

Level 3: Specifically for individual and large figures, such as special characters, heroes, war machines, giants, dragons, vehicles and etc with the amount of time and detail that go into the model will be worth the cost. Price Range. Starting around $15 a model.

Remember, use this only as a reference to the cost of your commission, it will vary depending on the exact specifications.