Thursday, April 29, 2010

Putting the stomp, in Stompa!

I'v decided the first of my creations I will be showcasing is my Converted GW Stompa. After seeing a few of them built, I had come to the conclusion that it just wasn't good enough the way it was. Sadly I didn't take picture's of the start of my Stompa, but I'll fill you in. First I assembled the body as the instructions said. This wasn't the part of the Stompa I had issues with. I then proceeded to fill the gaps where the arms would of gone with plastic card. Blending the shapes to make it appear correct when it came time for paint. I also reworked the neck using PVC pipe so I could attach the GW Batttlewagon as the head. This mod was seen in March 2009's issue of White Dwarf. I also decided the arms that came with the Stompa were now way too short to be used with the conversion and scratch built my own. I am going to apologize ahead of time for the quality of these starting pictures, I had no idea how to take picture's of my miniatures at that point. I took the time to cut out the center plate and magnetized it or order to be taking off and on, replacing it with the belly gun if needed. You can see from the picture's at this time the smoke stacks that came with the Stompa had been used. Later on in the conversion those were removed and replaced with a different style of backing I had scratch built. I spent way too many hours trying to figure out what to do with the scratch built arm. I didn't want to do the normal everyday chainsword. That had gotten done over and over again, even scratch built ones all looked too bland to me by this point. i decided to go with something a little different. the pinchers and the grinders were a perfect way to get the looking i was going for in addition to being fulling functional in battle, grabbing up enemies of all shapes and sized and forcing them into the rollers grinding them into a fine paste! Just how the warboss used to make! I added some detailing here and there, some pipes, an exhaust, and some wires just to give it a decent and real feel. The only other issue I was having was with the head itself. It was way too long, since it was originally a vehicle I chopped it down shortening the head and giving it more of an ork appearance. My thoughts are that if an ork mek had to make a giant robot, chances are he would make it to look like himself as much as possible. The nextorder of business was replacing those smoke stacks with something that has a little more detail, I wanted the back to look as if thats where the engine was, not locked inside where no one could see what was going on. After building the turbines I still haven't exactly decided how they are logically supposed to work. But I liked the way they looked and decided to stick with it. It looked kind of steampunkesk. I also added two levels to the back of the Stompa in order to give the back a little more detail including a door on the top level so they can get to the engine from the outside if need be. Well I think that is enough for right now, I will be back later today most likely to post more about my GW Stompa!

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