Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lifesize Genestealer

Been working a lot and haven't had much time to sit and add some stuff on here. We had a hurricane run through there and the store was closed Monday and Tuesday giving me no excuse to not post. At the store we have an entire wall devoted to Games Workshop products, mostly Warhammer 40k, so we have been working on some details to make the wall feel more in that world. We decided to build a life size genestealer popping out of the ceiling and here is the build!

Started this build with a few sheets of pink foam and a dream! Carved out some basic shapes.

Covered it in some plaster to give me a decent sculpting surface, also when going to paint it I wouldn't have to worry about the foam being eaten.

And hour or so with some Apoxy sculpt can do wonders.

Mounted the head, and started building the body, used spray expansion foam and carved out some more basic shapes. Also gained a mouth full of teeth and a nice tongue.

Got a complete plaster bath (loose plaster and plaster bandages) so I could sculpt some more details on the neck and such.

Bought a new air brush and gave him a fresh coat of paint.

Build a nice vent for him to be bursting out of.

And because it's Halloween, he needed a costume.

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