Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Infinity Terrain Vendor Booth

Unfortunately I don't have any WIP shots of this, as I didn't know we actually had a blog until fairly recently. The base of this piece is a 1'x1' square of MDF board. The step is made from foam board edged in plasticard strips. The booth itself is a foam board skeleton edged in plasticard. The most time-consuming part by far were the hexagonal paving stones. They were made by gluing a hex gridded paper to cardstock and cutting them out with a pair of scissors. Monotonous, but worth it. Nothing says 'It's the future.' like hexagonal paving stones.

This piece has since been primered grey and is awaiting its turn at the airbrush station. I plan on printing out an awning on regular printer paper, coating it with watered down PVA and draping it over the struts.

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