Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Infinity Terrain Factory Build

We got overzealous once again and decided to see how large of a building we could actually construct. After a great deal of cutting of foam board, cursing, and dulled exacto blades we finished the first floor. Two lessons learned: ALWAYS PLAN YOUR BUILD AHEAD OF TIME. Also: cut windows and doors into the walls BEFORE gluing them in place. Trust me on this. 

With the first floor built we moved on to the second. Since the offices were a rat's warren of short range kill zones we decided to go with a more open floor plan up here. One large conference room at the front of the building and a waiting area with elevator and factory floor access. From the waiting room you can see down into the lobby and front door area, making this a difficult position to get shifted out of once you're dug in.

Second floor of the factory area complete. Catwalks overlook a fairly open machine room. 

Sliding doors allow access to the factory floor to TAGS. 
All walls complete.

The second floor is three separate pieces for ease of gaming. Now on to the detailing!

The factory floor got a vehicle dock with random machinery underneath. Bendy straws and plastic bits from a power station model make an excellent detail piece.

Both the factory floor and catwalk got covered with a gridded plastic we picked up somewhere. It came in 1'x2' sheets and I have no idea what it's intended use is.

Sprayed the entire thing with my arch-nemesis, Citadel Roughcoat.

We decided to cast some floor panels we had laying around to give some much needed detail to the factory room walls.

More bendy straws, then plasticard tubes to cover gaps in the corners.

Completed the wall panels, then edged everything in Bass wood.

This wall faces the second the floor waiting area, so we decided to cover it in Vallejo Sandy Paste for texture. Then I got bored and did the art-deco wall detail in Bass wood.

A close-up of my boredom.

I'm taking a break from terrain building today to hunt for something I can use as carpet in the offices. More progress to come.

 Details on the factory floor were completed today. Sliding doors got cool panels.

Walls got cool panels.

And I cut out the mesh cover for the vehicle bay for the third time.

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