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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Old Zoggy

So I have been flipping through the Ork Codex the past few weeks trying to figure out a new project to start... Yes I know, I have unfinished projects I should get done before going on to yet another. But honestly, it's gotten to the point where looking at vehicles is making my head hurt (more like my hands, popping rivets for 2 hours only to cover half a vehicle is sad). So I figured I would do a special character, no wheels, no wires, or rivets just good ol' fashion flesh and bone. I thought the fluff picture of Old Zogwart was cool, so I figured why the hell not. Went through all my bits, picked out a few things and ended up using the body of one of the bike boys, a head of a boy which I'm not entirely sure what it came from and just a normal pair of legs. I also used the arm of the boy throwing a stick grenade to use for his staff arm.