Monday, February 14, 2011

Video Game Kiosk

So it's been quite a some time, I haven't had a time to post anything in over 8 months! There has been a ton of projects I have started and finished in that time, I will have to get you guys up to date with all the goodness. Well a good place to start is with a bigger project I did for Bossman's storefront. I had a beat to hell GameCube kiosk I had gotten from a GameStop store almost four years ago that was just sitting down in my basement collecting dust and taking up space, with my family and I being forced to move into smaller places I decided it was about time to do something with it. I took it completely apart, pealing off all the stickers, stripping it down and gave me a clean slate to work with. One of the most popular games Bossman plays in his store is Blood Bowl, so I decided to theme out the kiosk to reflect an XBox 360 game based on this popular game. Using hand cut layered plexiglass I did with a band saw I was able create an awesome effect with the paint to make it look completely 3D. Added a few more details of cut plexiglass and the finished project turned out pretty awesome! Take a look!

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