Friday, May 7, 2010

Scratch Built Battle Wagon

So took some time away from the Stompa to sit down and go through some old pictures of conversions that haven't been touched in a WHILE, it's been about a year now since I had worked on anything other then the stomp. A lot has come up but I got around to working on my scratch built battle wagon. It has FINALLY gone into the paint stage! But instead of skipping right to showing off the paint job since I have the pictures of the build I figured I'd show that off first. The conversion started with a World War II Lee tank model I purchased from the local hobby shop, it was about the same size all around of the GW ork Trukk, so first I cut it in half to make it a bigger badder vehicle. Then added the panels to fill in the space in between, originally I was working on a snake bite army, so adding some wood elements to the battle wagon was my first task. Using balsa wood, I created an area where the models would sit while the vehicle moved across the field. After that I moved right into doing the deff rolla, which was just made of PVC pipe and some plastic card, held to the front by coiled wire to look like large shock springs, just for detail. Took me a while but I decided to steer away from doing Snake Bites, and moved toward doing something that gave me the ability to convert more with plastic card. So I decided on doing Deff Skulls, deciding that I tore the wood off the battle wagon and built the rest completely out of plastic card. I took a picture after most of that build. Which pretty much doubled the size of the original WWII model. I also added a large cannon to the turret which was later removed and replaced with a scratch built Forge World style lobba cannon. The real trouble with completely scratch building something made for orks, is the mass amount of rivets that have to place pretty much over the entire vehicle. Here is a small glimpse of the amount of riveting I had to do. Now it was during this build I was finally able to decide I was doing my army based completely on Bad Moons, now the reason that this build had complete influence on that is as I was building the mounting for the def rolla, it turned out to look exactly like a moon. In addition it allowed me to use a lot of other armies bitz to build my army since they are in fact the riches of all the ork clans. Now as you can see from the photo showing off the deff rolla moons, I placed a large steam tank on the back of the battle wagon to power it, in addition to adding two ork boys mounted on big guns. Also adding some flaps to give the WWII treads a little more of an orky look. The lobba is mildly on diplay as well, and lastly I added a grot rocket which could be used as such during an Apocalypse battle, or as a rocket launcher in a normal battle. I was gonna buy the army painter primer they sell at most hobby shops, but 15 dollars was a bit too pricey considering most of it get covered with rust and such anyways, ended up heading over to JoAnn Fabric's and picking up 4 cans of JoAnn Essentials yellow for about 98 cents on clearance. After priming I added a mixture of tin bitz, chainmail, and badab black wash to create a rusty, oily, and dirty yellow. I also started to paint some of the units that are stationary on the vehicle, like to grot shooting off the lobba. Well thanks for traveling through this last year of memories with and extremely old conversion that is now finally being finished up!

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