Friday, April 30, 2010

From the inside out!

After long debating with myself on if I should or shouldn't do an inside of the cockpit, be cheap and just leave it completely blank on the inside. I decided to go with setting stuff up inside so the top could be removed to show off all the orkies working to kill something. First I used some resin doors my buddy over at Bossmans's Bitz Box gave me to seal off the cockpit from the rest of the head. then using some wire and plastic card tubes did some other details here and there to give it more of a cockpit feel, since the inside of the battle wagon wasn't intended on being seen for the most part. After working around with the plastic card and tubes to give it a better feel I started work on the driver, or what might still end up being multiple drivers, haven't fully decided yet. The best choice I decided was to use the driver from the GW Ork Trukks. Now thankfully while experimenting with silicone and resin for the first time, I ended up making a mold of that exact driver! Which was fantastic because I didn't have any extra drivers laying around in my bitz. Using the resin driver I was able to convert him into an awesome Stompa driver! I then realized the back of the head was kinda lame, didn't have anything on it at all and needed something to make it stand out a wee bit more, or at least blend more with what was going on. So I added some tubes, two smoke stacks and a gobbit that I thought looked pretty neat there. Well that just about catches you guys up on my Stompa project, I will be working on it a lot more this weekend and will hopefully get some more for everyone to see. Once again if you have any ideas for awesome conversions please shoot me an e-mail, I'd love to get some input as well!

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