Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Showcase Project #1: D&D wall

So I got a new job two weeks ago at my local comic/wargaming store Showcase Comics. I have been going there for about 10 years now and finally acquired myself a spot among it's ranks. My first week there I took on an awesome project which is for the most part complete. Check it out.

Started with the wall where all the D&D stuff is located.With the new addition coming out at some point I was hoping to give the section a new look to go with the new addition, this is a simple vector I made to show the boss man what I thought we should do.And with boss mans approval on the project, I got to work building the basic structure out of pink foam which I love using on bigger projects that people wont be touching on, or that is going up high and has to be lifted, it's fairly strong and super light.
With all the basic work done, I started adding details, and cleaned up the edges with masking tape, because I planned on covering the entire thing with a layer of sand for texture, The masking tape was used freely.
As you can see from the picture above, I built a large 20 sided die for the center of the key stone, it just looked too empty without it.
It was then covered in sand, primed painted and highlighted.and finished

-Shawn Out!

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