Monday, June 13, 2011

More Paint On The Battlewagon.

So I have had this battlewagon sitting in my closet unfinished for WAY too long. I decided to break it out and finally put the finishing touches. Chances are it'll be done either later tonight or early tomorrow. Take a look at what I have done so far. First image is of the grot rocket that slides on and off the track shown in earlier pictures of the painted wagon itself. Next up we have a shot of the turret that is placed where the big hole in the main platform is. As soon as the wagon is complete I will take some more pictures of everything where it belongs.

PS. I am also starting work on a few none ork related minis that I have had sitting about for a while that I have gotten to work on the past few days. Looking forward to seeing what people think.

-Shawn Out

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